How to complain

Why contact the Military Ombud?

The Military Ombud provides an alternative point of contact for the soldier to contact if there is undue delay in, or dispute with a ruling of the DOD Grievance process.

Who can contact the Military Ombud?

Serving or Former members of the SANDF can contact the Military Ombud. A person acting on behalf of a serving or former member may contact the Military Ombud. A member of the public regarding the official conduct of a member of the SANDF.

What type of issues can be raised?

Members may raise any matter to do with their conditions of service. Conditions of Service includes conditions relating to:

  • Recruitment procedures, advertising and selection criteria;
  • Appointment and appointment processes
  • Job Classification and Grading
  • Salaries, Allowances and Service Benefits
  • Job Assignments
  • Working environment and facilities
  • Education, training and development
  • Performance evaluation systems
  • Promotion
  • Transfers
  • Demotion
  • Disciplinary measures other than dismissals
  • Grievance and Grievance procedures
  • Dismissals
  • Scares skills
  • Pay progression
  • Deployment benefits
  • Tools of trade
  • Accommodation
  • Any other matter pertaining to Conditions of Service

Your complaint must normally be about an event which is happening now or has happened within the last 2 years. If the event occurred over 2 years ago, you need to tell the Military Ombud why you have been unable to raise the matter before and why you feel it would be only fair to consider a complaint now. The Military Ombud has no powers to re-open complaints that have been fully investigated and are now closed.

How can the Military Ombud help me?

The Military Ombud has set priorities to:

  • Deal with complaints in a fair, economical and expeditious manner.
  • At a level which can make fair decisions and make recommendations for changes where things have gone wrong.
  • In a way that keeps all those concerned informed of progress and able to understand the outcome and the reasons behind it.

How do I make a complaint to the Military Ombud?

You may only approach the Military Ombud to make a complaint after having exhausted all avenues open to you within the DOD Individual Grievance Process. Please make your complaint in writing in a letter or e-mail. You should include the following information:

    • Your name and contact details
    • Your rank, force number / ID number and where you are based
    • DOD Grievance ID number
    • Behavior complained of (please give as much detail as you can)
    • When the incident/s took place
    • Who is/was involved
    • Why you want to make a complaint and what you would like to happen as a result.

The Military Ombud and staff will treat the information you provide as confidential unless there is an urgent need to alert someone in authority.

What happens next?

All complaints:

  • The Military Ombud will decide whether your complaint is within the mandate according to the Act. If not you will be referred to an institution who may be able to help.
  • If the complaint is within the mandate it will be analysed according to all relevant Acts, Policies, Instructions and Procedures.
  • This process normally takes approximately 30 working days and could result in a resolution.
  • If no resolution is achieved the matter will be referred for further investigation. This process will take up to 60 working days depending upon the complexity of the complaint.
  • The result of this process should be a resolution, but in cases where this is not so the case may be referred to higher authority for resolution.


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