Outreach education continues to enlighten the serving members

In the recent months the Office of the Military Ombud personnel visiting all the provinces to engage soldiers on the mandate of the Office.
The education to the serving and former members is imperative as there are still those who are not accustomed to the way the Office does its work.


Military Ombud educate residence of Bergrivier Municipality on their mandate

The South African Military Ombud joins other government institution in an effort to reach out to its other stakeholders as required by the Military Ombud Act of 2012.  Recently the Office in partnership with the Health Ombud and Office of Health Standards Compliance (OHSC) conducted a community outreach programme in Bergrivier Municipality in the Western Cape Province from 08 -10 October 2019.


Former Military Ombud marks end of an era by visiting Tempe in Bloemfontein

As the Military Ombud, Lt Gen (Ret) Temba Matanzima marks the end of his term in office, he visited the Army Support Base, Tempe in Bloemfontein on 28 May 2019 where he addressed hundreds of soldiers from various units. The Office also visited other military bases in Kroonstad and Bethlehem on 04 & 05 June 2019 respectively to conduct the outreach programme aimed at informing members on the mandate of the Office.


Annual Military Ombud Symposium continues to provoke debate within the Armed Forces

The South African Military Ombud call for the establishment of Military Ombud focused institutions in the African continent gains momentum as it receives support from think tankers within the security sector. This discussion emanated during the gathering of policymakers, defence specialists and academics at the Annual Military Ombud Symposium held at Emperors Palace in Kempton Park.


Military Ombud Office celebrates 7 years of existence

The Military Ombud Office celebrated its 7th Year anniversary in a glamorous informing occasion held at Capital Hotel at Menlyn Maine on, 10 May 2019. Giants from the defence sector, royalties, business, and decision makers walked the red carpet to celebrate the journey travelled by the first Military Ombud Lt Gen (Ret) Temba Matanzima as his term of Office comes to a close.


SA Military Ombud Office celebrates cultural Diversity.

Living Heritage plays a crucial role in promoting cultural  diversity, social, cohesion, reconciliation, peace and  economical development in South Africa. Heritage Day is a  South African public holiday celebrated annually on 24 remembering the Cultural Heritage of the diverse cultures  that make up the population of South Africa.


Playing The Field

Good working relationships are often cemented during social activities, and the South African Military Ombud Annual Golf Day is no exception. This is one of the main events hosted by the Office, and it has grown in leaps and bounds since it first teed off in 2015. The objective of this event is to promote the Office of the Military Ombud’s mandate, to enforce positive relations with key stakeholders, discuss strategic issues, challenges, achievements and to have an enjoyable, stressfree interaction on the golf course.


Looking To The Future

As Lt Gen (Ret) T.T. Matanzima steps down from his Office, he is very aware that the major successes achieved so far are in many ways just the foundations for something even greater. There are three main areas on which he hopes the new incumbent will focus in the coming months and years. First is raising the general awareness of the existence of the Office, both within the military forces and within civilian circles. “I would like my successor to continue to promote the outreach programme,” he says. “The Defence Force recruits new members every year so there will always be people who don’t know about our
Office. The new Ombud would need to carry on with the outreach so that soldiers can be in the know.”


Annual Military Ombud Symposium

A follow-up conference to emphasize the need for independent governance over the military was held in Johannesburg in April 2019. Delegates from several African countries attended the seventh Annual Military Ombud Symposium, with the theme ‘The Role of Oversight over the Armed Forces in the
Contemporary African Context.’


Africa Day Symposium

The event on 31 October during the 10ICOAF, focused on ‘Advancing the Narrative of Oversight over the Armed Forces in Africa.’ It explored the need to
introduce military oversight throughout the armed forces in Africa, where the South African Military Ombud is still the only organisation of its kind. Delegates shared best practices and lessons learned with other African Ombud Institutions, who currently play a general role rather than focus specifically
on the military.


Welcoming The World To South Africa

It was a great honour for the South African Office of the Military Ombud to be chosen to host the 10th International Conference of the Ombud’s Institutions for the Armed Forces (10ICOAF) on 29-31 October 2018. This annual conference was established by the Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF) as an opportunity for ombud institutions from around the world to share best practices and lessons learned, and to discuss their mandates, powers and operational tactics.


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