Case Study 8: Appointment

 The Complainant was a part of the Military Skills Development Programme (MSDS). He indicated that he sustained an injury on 12October 2007 at the South African Army Combat Training Centre as a result of a 35 MKV Gun malfunctioning. The injury lead to the amputation of his right hand, below the wrist, as part of the surgical procedure to mitigate the trauma from the bullet wound.

The Complainant claims that he followed the necessary steps and fulfilled the requirements to make a claim against the South African Defence Force (SANDF) based on his occupational injury while on duty.


Case Study 4: Remuneration OSD

Complainant was a member of the Defence Force who retired as a Lieutenant Colonel (Lt Col). While in service she was placed as a deputy manager nurse (PN-B4) from 01/02/2011 until at the time of her retirement on 31/10/2013. She retired on salary level PN-B4.

The investigation conducted found that the Complainant was supposed to be placed on salary level PN-A1,


Case Study 3: Remuneration Allowances

The Complainant is a member of the Defence Force who joined the SANDF in January 2010. In 2011, he enrolled for a Diploma in Nursing Science and Midwifery which he completed in December 2014. He served community service from January 2015 to December 2015. He worked as a Professional Nurse in 1 Military Hospital from January 2016 until he resigned in June 2017.


Case Study 1: Promotion

The Complainant is a Chaplain in the SANDF who alleged that he was awarded an incorrect rank during integration in that he was incorrectly allocated the rank of a Catechist instead of Chaplain at the level of Colonel. He did not accept the offer and appealed against the allocated rank. On appeal of the recommended rank, it was determined that the Catechist position was abolished and as a result several mediation efforts were made for the rank to be reviewed and implemented.


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