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Who we are


The South African Military Ombud is an independent institution that was established through the Military Ombud Act of 2012. The Office mandate to investigate and ensure that complaints against the SANDF are resolved in a fair, economical and expeditious manner.

The Military Ombud Act No 4 of 2012 mandates the Office of the Military Ombud to investigate complaints lodged in writing against the SANDF from current and former members of the Defence Force, regarding their conditions of service, as well as members of the public regarding the official conduct of a member of the Defence Force.


“A world leading independent and impartial Military Ombud institution.”

“To provide an independent, impartial and expeditious complaints resolution process for serving and former members of the SANDF and the Public to promote good governance”


The core values in support of the mission of the Office of the Military Ombud include the following:

  • Accountability - We are responsible for our decisions and actions.
  • Confidentiality - We ensure all information is treated with discretion.
  • Commitment - We are dedicated to achieving the objectives of the organization.
  • Impartiality - We aim for fairness by striking a balance between conflicting interest and rights. 
  • Professionalism - We aim to provide highest quality service to all stakeholders.
  • Integrity - We value ethical conduct and honesty.

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You can walk in, give us a call or email us to make a follow up on your complaint

Tel:012 676 3800
Toll free:080 726 6283

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Mon - Fri
7:45 am to 16:15 pm

A quote from the Handbook for Ombuds Institutions for the Armed Forces

OMBUDS Institutions play a crucial role in ensuring the armed forces operate with integrity and in a manner which is both accountable and transparent. By handling individual complaints, as well as through the exploration of thematic and cross-cutting issues, ombuds institutions help to prevent human rights abuses, eliminate waste and malpractice and contribute to the overall good governance of the security sector.